Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Clean up your own mess magic knife

This magic knife is the thai they call it mitmor. Many masters who make thai amulet make this too. Mainly for protection.

The main reason why I introduce this powerful magic item is because if  you are attack by magic and do not wish to be like a helpless weak person  and stand there to wait for help to drop from the sky, this is the only item you need now! 

This spiritual weapon are designed to devastate the tactics of the enemy,while preventing stringholds from taking roots in our lives.

Yes, no more fear and hiding!
Sit up, stand up and hold your ground.

you will be teach:

charge up your own holy water to cleanse yourself from bad luck.
-with this powerful item

charge up yourself with good luck and prepare yourself for a lucky day.
-with this powerful item

Disconnect years of bad luck from you and surrounding.
-with this powerful item

charge up your workplace against bad stabber, and enemy.
-with this powerful item

win against black magic and enemy in your house and protect your love ones.
-with this powerful item

win against evil eye
-with this powerful item

Do not let anyone caught you unaware!

You will able to stand boldly and win the battle against your enemy from now onward!


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Monday, June 29, 2015

your love charm- woo woo woo

A buyer just give me feedback that her life gets better and better after using the love charm thai amulet from me.

From lonely heart to exciting days.

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Sunday, June 21, 2015

God sent love charm (another happy buyer)

One of the buyer approach me that her lover block her from all contacts. She miss him a lot.
I told her, not a problem at all.

I tell her I will make him call you!

Above is her feedback after using the thai amulet love charm.
After  using the item, within the same day, this buyer bring good news to me.
Her lover contact her.

一个买家联系我说, 她心仪的对象和她失去了联系. 我对她说 "没问题!"

拿一个超棒的爱情泰國佛牌佛牌, 来改变他的心理过程, 进入他的思想.
不久后, 那位男士联系了她  而且爱情佛牌还给她带来而外的惊喜! 给她带来多一位男士的追求. 她非常高兴地联系我,与我分享!

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Sunday, June 14, 2015

you has give me more than enough (another happy person)

A buyer contact me that and say the guy she like and love has stop contact her and she lost contact.
I say not a problem.
Get a mind blowing love thai charm to attack their mental process and enter into their mind.

Soon, the guy contacted her and the love charm she got from me bring her extra gift.
Another guy like her.
She was very happy and contacted me!

有个买家找我  说她的情人停止了所有联系方式. 她很想他! 我对她说, "绝对不是问题".
我告诉她, 我会让他打给你!

使用了泰國佛牌一天  这位买家就给我带来好消息, 她的情人联系了她!

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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Be limitless in 3 days! (another happy person)

Recently, I am approach by a buyer.
She told me that her boss ask her to leave, sack her.
Her business, side line is also not on track.The entire world is against her.
Be limitless! in 3 days!
by using the thai amulet i recommend her.

1 week later, i got her message.
As below: 

Hi nayAn
I got the business deal signed yesterday.

And my boss asked me to stay

All went well



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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Make Her feel sorry, get back your life! (Get better life thai amulet)

Above is the experience from a buyer who has use Get better life thai amulet.

Bro last nite i wore the takrut from u with the somdej amulet i was wearing. Today my ex wife msg me saying she felt remorseful for her actions towards me last time...

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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Sales and money improve (another happy person)

I just chant everyday when free, then if Ned help just wish to it, u can c  ur wish coming, last few week I posted some item in Internet for sale, before that have posted the same item for about 4month no response from anybody, just last few week I posted again in Internet n just make a wish n charm d thai amulet, next day my email, my whatsapp, my sms all full of buyer calling me.

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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Lord Ganesha additional power with Leklai power(mystery holy stone) thai amulet statute (sold out)

sold out

This is a triple wealth statue in thai amulet statute version.
1) the famous lord Ganesha, great obstacle remover.
2) make with mystery holy stone, a Sacred Lek Lai rock substance.
3) bless by powerful master who empower this item with 39 wealth mantra.

Lord Ganesha is very well known around the world for success and wealth.
What I has offer here is 1 of the most powerful version available.

Lord Ganesha has four arms which symbolize his status as the universal ruler and establish his power over the four categories of beings – those who can live only in water, those who can live in water and on earth, those who can live only on earth and those who can fly in air. Significance of four : It was god Ganesha who instituted the four castes and the four Vedas. One hymn in Sri Bhagavat Tattva , says: ‘In heaven, this child will establish the predominance over gods, on earth over men, in the nether world over anti-gods and serpents. He causes the four ruling forces of the elements to move, for which he has four arms.

Furthermore, the more powerful part is that the statue itself is made from sacred resin based Muan Sarn with lek Lai powdered minerals.

Leklai for many centuries has been known as a mystery and holy substances that masters extract from cave.
Leklai believe to be able to bring great protection, great wealth and bring great health to the devotes.
By making this lord Ganesha wealth and success statute, the whole statute involved leklai substances to push the power to anther higher level so that the devotees and see results faster and more prominent results.

Lastly, the master invited more that 99 monks and hermits and masters all over thailand to invite more that 39 wealth gods to grace and empower this Lord Ganesha wealth statute.

Before I got this statute out from the temple, the master endorse the statute in from with 3 mantra which mean:

Heaven, earth, mankind.

And below contain his symbolic holy mantra which draw wealth from 8 direction and close up the wealth to prevent wealth leak or slip out your hand.

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Saturday, April 25, 2015

detective love charm (Another love mircle)

Nayan, this amulet in particular is superrr amazing! My guy had M.I.A for a week plus. I was very upset and desperate. All my calls, sms and whatsapp were blocked. Only my emails to him were read but being ignored by him. Our relationship was complicated plus I had a court case against him which was on-going still. Looking at our circumstances, I hadn't much hope of "pulling" him back at this particular time, but as in the past, you had always been there for me and assured me that it will work. I held this latest amulet you passed me and followed your simple instructions. But still not really believing or having much faith still. This time I contacted him via email again with the prayings of the amulet. I saw that he opened my email once within 8mins and the second time again by total of 15mins. I was disappointed thinking he was going to ignore again. To My Suprise, he suddenly called me after only 25mins of sending out the email. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw his name flashing on my hp after 10days of blocking and Zero Contact! He called me lovingly and asked to see me that very night for dinner and said he missed me terribly!! I was so incredibly happy. 
* I just want to thank you and master for being there for me from the start till now through my difficult times. You have helped me more than I could have imagined! You're Awesome, Nayan!!

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Thursday, April 16, 2015

My world rock with you, Nayan (Juicy Feeback)

Hello bro I'm back again with another feedback on my recent combination you gave me.
On the day itself you changed my combination after meeting up with you & also telling me that my metta was quite power now. my friends and I went to get some drinks at a thai disco. I would say it was one of the best nights I had hahaha. Firstly when we went into the disco everyone seemed to turn their heads at us and look. Within 5mins there were 8girls at our table talking to us and playing drinking games with us, but they were all looking at me. At some point in time one of my friend whispered to my ear " cb the girl keep asking about you I don't know what's their problem" . As I was checking my phone and replying people suddenly another 2 girls came over to our table, it was only later that I knew they came over from the table behind us and my friends told me the 2 guys  from that table weren't happy so I looked back at them to take a glance , they were stared at me and showed me their gang logo, I just smirked at them cause I thought it was fking lame for guys who looked atleast 40 doing that. They even wanted to compete with us by hanging alot of flowers for the girls....okay the girls did go back to them but within 10-15mins they came back to our table, it was truly laughable from me and my friends point of view. Well their table  was kind of empty for about 15mins and they left shortly.
Later one girl came and asked me whether I wanted to go out and smoke with her , I said okay because I was under the influence of alcohol, her English wasn't good so talking to her was abit tough but she asked me stuff like why didn't I bother much about the girls at our table and that they were quite sad I didn't pay attention to them, I replied her " because I wasn't interested in them " she then asked me " so what about me?" . I just ignored her question hahaha. She then asked me whether she could take a look at our cars , I didn't think much and said ok but as we were walking down the staircase she suddenly sat down on the steps and touched my dick and  kissed me, I was already high so I touched her and made out with her as well but after awhile I thought of my ex girlfriend and stopped whatever were doing. It was awkward for awhile but she then asked me for my number etc, I had a few numbers that night by the way.
Afterwards I went back in , a girl came over to my side and asked if I was tired, I told her I couldn't drink anymore. I closed my eyes for awhile but I felt someone touching my thighs. Note: I was wearing shorts. It was the girl using her finger nails to lightly caress my thighs and she slowly tried to push her hands into the gap of my pants. Fucking hell bro when u said my metta was good I didn't expect it to be this good hahahaha. Afterwards I told her to drink with my friends cause I wanted to disturb them, and she really drank with them! hahahaha. That is about it for that night. Note: I only hang flowers twice as a courtesy cause they accompanied me.

2nd part.

Apparently I found out that one of my friend was cheating on my old friend . I went down to meet him tgt with the girl. Okay bro, the funny thing is he wasn't really a friend of mine because during my younger days we weren't exactly on good terms and I fought with him before. Back to the story haha, after my 2 friends had their pointless talk , I spoke to him and told him about her because I honestly felt pity for him. He seemed to trust me alot and still thanked Me  later on. It's definitely  the work of good metta.

That's about it for this feedback bro. :) hope to see u again for my next item.

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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Taoist don't suitable thai amulet

Receive a interesting enquiry.
Sharing here on my post.

Hi Nayan,

I am a Taoist staying in Singapore.

I am a person who luck is always not on my side, in term of career, wealth and relationship with others. Whenever there is a good opportunity for me, it will always be some people or some event to obstruct/ distract me, resulting me from missing it.

I used to wear Thai amulets, from famous Thai temple, as introduce by friends or even magazine. However I don't really feel the big improvement for me for the past 20 years. Is Thai Amulet suitable for everyone? What do you suggest for me?

And currently I am still keeping those amulets at home, so how to dispose it?

Reply below:

There is no such thing whether amulet suit a person or don't suit.
There are cases where a person cannot get a powerful amulet to see effective results.
That's the fact.
Amulet don't suit is spoken only by the unwise.
Just like a western people say they don't suit Chinese herbs.
But are you aware that the Western people treat herbs like king food now?
Pls dont forget you are not westerner and you are taking a western medicine like antibiotic.

I has many Christian buyers who use my amulets.
They ask me:

Q: Can i use?
A: definitely.
Q: do not need to change my religious?
A: no need.
Q: why?
A: my amulet will work on anyone, any races, any religious and any nationality.
So even if you worship Saturn, my item will still work well on you and will not interfere your relationship with Saturn.
Instead, some of my black items will improve spur relationship with Saturn and the black magic gods.

Many people read a lot and research a lot.
But they are going from bad to worse instead of more clever.
Due to they stick to the non wise people.
Go for effective amulet.
Don't blindly follow blind.
you are like the famous saying below:

The blind follow the blind.

Get the fire tiger amulet which has save and improve many many many people life's.
They has place their honest feedback in my blog.
Getting the fire tiger amulet can't be wrong.

you has invest a lot of time and money on others amulets.

I will teach you how to handle them after your purchase.

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Friday, April 3, 2015

Pass without much effort (another happy person)

Hello bro,

An update about my recent exams , I was worried because I failed again and had to retake my exams. Luckily you gave me an exam thai amulet combination that helped me to pass this without much effort because exactly whatever I studied came out! This is another miracle I've experienced since I started getting amulets from you.

Thank you.

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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Get better life thai amulet 获取更好的生活泰国泰國佛牌

Your relationship ended, your job sucks, you hate where you live, but you stuck financially.

No one should hate themselves!

Let me introduce you the Shortest Road to money Success; 
Get better life thai amulet

If you has come to a cross roads in life and have exhausted seemingly every option, this Get better life thai amulet is for you!
When your entire life needs an overhaul, this is a must for you!


This Get better life thai amulet can  clean away the bad luck and stagnation things surrounding you, allowing positive changes and improvement to occur. 


Soon you can have a return of hope and determination. 
Good news will come to your ear.
Gods, devas and angels will whisper good news to your ear.
people will bring in good things to you.


You will be prompted and guided which way to go and what needs to be changed in your life. 


Once you are ready any changes can be made and your life can get back on track.


Every area of your life can begin to come alive and good things start to flow your way.
Extraordinary things happen when you dare to dream.


I am talking about new opportunities coming to you, a better job waiting for you, new love will happen to you, whatever you need to change for the better can open up to you. 


Oh yes, I forget to mention another important parts which make this master swarm with devotes; opened up opportunities for money.


Those lucky devotes who has use his items comments that they seen to has opportunities for money keep opening up!

And a new found energy of strength, self-esteem, and focus will enter into their life and allow them to attract all of the good things they deserve.


The born of Get better life thai amulet

8 years of testing and documenting results, the master has now put down the parameters of Get better life thai amulet.


He love to get feedback from devotes on his items.

He told me, this version is going to be one of the best version ever!


Why is the master so  perfectly certain that this Get better life thai amulet will works????? 


Over the years, the master has blessed, tested, researched on and improved.

Inside present the Enchanted block evil people mantra.

If you feel you having an unusual string of bad luck and problems , the Enchanted block evil people mantra is inside to block them from you. Do not fear.

Furthermore, this version come make you magnetize money by all possible ways and make you perfect state of blissful abundance.

In other words, you love yourself more because you are free from trouble and problems!

Yes, you will be lock into wealth/money/financial success.

I was spoke to the master I want to introduce nothing but the best!
I am not selling biscuits or some junk food!
The items need to work to rock my buyers life!

He Stare at me sternly and said:

believe me, if after wearing they get rich, definitely; this is not a accident!

Instructions, and master name will be given only to buyers.

Click on the button to buy now

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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Life without you (another happy person)

Dear Nayan,

Just read the Shin Min paper about the mother and daughter in-law dispute and resulted in the man being "sandwich" into depression. The whole family was upside down. It could have been me, loss job, loss family, mother and wife, if not because of your help.

I must thank you for all your help this two years.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A new day has come (Another happy person)

Bro Nayan 
Thanks for the effor than you and master has put in.
2 weeks has pass after I get the power power item from you . I feel much more lighter when walking and I don't  feel so much stress and pressure  smooth smooth without any problem . By the way and I still secure a big order for the company. 
Thump up  
Keep in contact  

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Saturday, February 14, 2015

You change my life (another Happy buyer)

Hi Nayan,

So sorry for the delayed.. was pretty busy with work.. 
Thanks for introducing me the new way of combination of my amulets.. is like a 360 turn when i went to work!!

previously, i had problems wit my colleagues.. we had argument at work, giving each other one face.

After u intro me the new way of combination of my thai amulets, when i went to work the next day, all my colleagues was fine with me.. they joke and play around, i do things also shun shun(smooth work)!! can see a great improvement at work!!

Thanks alot Nayan for the new way!

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Real Gold LP Thuad thai amulet (sold out)

Luang Phor Thuad (LP Thuad) is a legendary monk of times past. In our generation, he is famous for amulets made in his image which many believe hold great protective powers which have been proven to be effective for many incidents. 

Luang Phor Thuad began to learn about the Buddhist teaching in a temple nearby at the age of 5 years old. Being naturally talented, he mastered all subjects his teacher could guide him within a year. He went to other temples over the hill and across the jungle to acquire further teaching every day. He became a monk at the age of 12 years old and devoted a full time study in the Dharmma. His father passed away at the age of 72 years old when he was 30 years old. In order to further the studies in Buddhism, he left his mother and went to other provinces. 

From his present location, Wat Pakok, Singora, Thailand, LP Thuad took a boat bound northwards to Ayuthaya province (a former capital of Thailand). After sailing for half a day, the boat met with great storms. The crew were frightened. The boat did not arrive at its destination after drifting for several days. The supplies of drinking water were running low. 

The crew, being superstitious, unfairly blamed their misfortune on the presence of LP Thuad. They planned to throw him overboard into the sea. 

Sensing their ill intentions, LP Thuad calmly consoled them that they needed not worry about drinking water as there was plenty around. As he stretched his leg out of the boat, the storm suddenly abated. Using his leg, he drew a circle on the sea and told the boatmen to draw water within it to drink. 

The crew was furious! They thought that this monk was trying to pull a fast one on them (that is, they thought he was trying to trick them). After LP Thuad's assurance that the water is actually drinkable, one of them decided to give it a try. He found that the water was indeed fit for consumption! Soon the rest of the crew went to drink the water to verify it for themselves. One curious crew member purposely tasted the water outside the circle and shouted that it was salty. The crew soon abandoned their thoughts of harming LP Thuad.

On the next day, the boat arrived at Ayuthaya province. LP Thuad walked for a few miles and was happy to come across a grand temple. The monks in the temple refused to accept him as he was poorly clad. He then turned to an old temple not very far away. The old keeper welcomed him and offered him board and lodging. He stayed there to study Buddhist scriptures, to pay homage to the Buddha and to practise meditation. He did this for half a year. 

The ruler of a neighbouring Buddhist country, the King of Sri Lanka, eyeing the growing wealth and power of the kingdom of Thailand, sent seven monks to Ayuthaya province to test the achievements of the monks in Thailand. They brought with them 12 bowls containing 84,000 words. These words were to be arranged into a certain sutra within 1 week. If the task was accomplished, King of Sri Lanka would present Thailand with 7 boats made of gold. However, should the task be unsuccessful, Thailand would have to surrender its sovereignty to Sri Lanka. The Thai King found it difficult to reject such a challenge as if did so, Thailand would be the laughing stock of the Buddhist world and of the world at large. The Thai King then gathered all his country's well-known learned monks to deal with this problem. Many tried but were unsuccessful. 

A Royal Announcement was made to look for someone capable of dealing with the task. On the fourth night, the King dreamed of a white elephant trumpeting in brillant light. He consulted a fortune-teller and was told that it was a fortuitous sign as a sage was likely to appear to solve the problem. The King was, nevertheless, uncertain. 

On the sixth day, LP Thuad left the temple in the morning to ask for alms in the form of food. He arrived at a rich man’s house. Thai subjects were discussing about the country's current crisis. They saw him holding a bowl standing in front of their doors. The rich host reverently offered him food. He sensed that the monk in front was rather extraordinary in appearance. He paid LP Thuad due respect and told the latter that their country which reputed for their Buddhist studies would be put to shame if no one could meet the challenge put forward by Sri Lanka and asked whether he could help. LP Thuad replied that he would try. The rich host was very happy. He intended to invite LP Thuad to see the King immediately. LP Thuad told him not to be in a hurry and he would go the next morning. 

After LP Thuad had left, the rich host delivered the good news to the King. The next morning, a special Royal carriage to bring LP Thuad to the palace. 

On arrival he was escorted by officials to the entrance of the royal palace. The steps boomed with loud sound as LP Thuad walked on them barefooted. The King and the officials were all very quiet. 

About half an hour later the monks from Sri Lanka came in. After exchanging greetings out of formality, LP Thuad began to arrange the words. 12 bowls of words were poured on the table. He closed his eyes and arranged them with both hands. After about a quarter of an hour, he announced that 5 words were missing.

The 7 Sri Lankan monks remained silent. He then warned that anyone who did not quickly take out those missing words would die a most horrible death with a cracked skull. The culprit was frightened and took out those missing words. 

With his eyes closed Luang Phor Thuat exercised his supernormal power to arrange the words. The sutra was completed in a little while. Seeing that Thailand had successfully responded to Sri Lanka's challenge, those 7 monks presented those 7 boats made of gold and left. Thus LP Thuad’s name became well-known throughout the country. He was henceforth looked upon as a saintly Buddhist monk in Thai history.

Impressed by LP Thuad's wisdom, the Thai king bestowed upon him the rank and title of "Somdej Phra Rajamuni Samiramagunupamacarya". LP Thuad also later became King Ekadasaroth's (King of Sri Lanka) advisor. 

LP Thuad remained in the capital city for a few years until he was informed of his mother’s serious illness. He rushed southwards and not long after, his mother died at the age of 78. After the funeral he stayed in Singora, Thailand. 

Upon returning home, LP Thuad had found that Wat Pha Khoh in ruins. He then sent a messenger to the Thai King asking if his majesty could help restore the temple. The Thai King was only too glad to help and the temple was soon restored to its former state. The Thai King also bestowed the land surrounding the temple on LP Thuad and the 250 families living around that area.

A state governor from the south by the surname of Phang, a man with a comparatively dark countenance, wanted to build a Buddhist temple. He came to Singora to look for a distinguished monk to head the project. One evening after sunset, he saw an old monk stroll along the seaside, leaving behind a trail of light. He knew that this was the monk to approach. He stepped forward to pay due respect to LP Thuad and told him of his intention to build a temple in Pattani. LP Thuad already knew about the matter through his psychic powers. He consented and went with governor Phang to Pattani. When the construction was completed, the temple was named Wat Changhai. LP Thuad was abbot of this temple till he passed away at the age of 120 years old. (However, some sources say no one really knew when LP Thuad had passed away)

In the later part of his life, LP Thuad dedicated his life to spreading Buddhism. After he has passed away from this life, he manifested in the dreams of his disciples. They then started to make amulets of his image. Even today, many amulets made of his image continue to be produced. Many Thais today can testify to the protective powers of LP Thuad amulets (amulets of the image of LP Thuad)

LP Thuad thai amulet

amulets are known for the following powers:
1) Protection from accidents (such as traffic accidents and even natural disasters and so on) 
2) Protection from all sorts danger (such as gunfire)
3) Protection from black magic and any form of offensive spells
4) Protection from evil spirits, demons and other hostile malevolent other-wordly entities

Material of amulet: 90% real gold
Temple: Wat changhai
casing of amulet: waterproof with 90% real gold
certificate: come with 2 cert, 1 from temple to verify the amulet is 90% real gold, the other cert is from goldsmith shop to prove the casing is 90% real gold.
3 pieces available

Not available for oversea buyers.
Self collect.
Cash and carry.

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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

They Say I am handsome

Double click the above for better view

Bro the metta takrut thai amulet is really power.hahahaha. In the day my friend told me I actually look handsome and I have a unique aura/vibe. Then at night I went drinking , another friend also told me that I was handsome. 
When I was walking pass a lady , the lady looked like she was charmed, her eyes were like as tho she was in a daze (according to my friend walking beside me). And for the whole night i kept having second glances.Really powerful stuff! 
See you soon.

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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Nayan! you make me cute!

Bro, i had to write another feedback to you. The black metta takrut thai amulet in my combination is really power! my things and luck isnt doing so well but this metta takrut is making my attraction exceptionally good as well as people treating me well. My lecturer commented today that was cute and i had the x factor. Also many girls were looking at me and some smiled at me. This item is really good stuff.

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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Life never be the same anymore!

A lot of buyers told me that their life since never be the same anymore once they start use my amulet.
Full of surprise came into their life.


I told them, I has hack into their life and empower them with amulets! 

Bro, heres another feedback about your thai amulets. Firstly i want to say the metta items u have recommended me is very strong and powerful,  Although i have not had the chance to charm my ex back due to the lack of opportunity, it has certainly brought me other perks such as people treating me nicer and the opposite sex being attracted to me. For example , people would be more willing to help me in doing task for me and theres a group a friends i just got to know awhile ago, i asked one guy to help me get water but he came back with food for me as well but refused my money for it. 
Also, I've been getting second glances by the opposite sex and a couple of them are dropping hints at me. hehe. although i have no interest in them, it certainly does give my confidence a boost.


Another strange thing is i noticed animals seem to like me more and do not fear me. the area i live at has quite a number of cats but usually run away when people go close to them. strangely , they seem to not only not shun away from me but they come looking for me and wouldn't be afraid to climb up my lap. Just yesterday one of them followed me up the lift. on one occasion my friend was with me and the cat did seem to avoid going to him. i guess your amulets dont only work on people but on animals as well hahaha.

Lastly, i went to my friends house recently. according to my friend, his mum does some spiritual practice and meditation. when i saw his mum , she look at me in the eye. The following day my friend asked me , ' hey, my mum said u do spiritual practices? ' . i was kind of stunned. 
I've been getting stuff from you for years , so what his mum saw was probably the effect of wearing your amulets for so long.hahahaha. 
waiting for my next item bro!

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Sunday, November 30, 2014

victim of black magic

2,000 nails removed from woman's body

BANGI - An Indonesian surgeon made a case for Islamic therapy to complement modern medicine at hospitals by showing rusty nails pulled out from the body of a female patient, supposedly a victim of sorcery.

Dr Sagiran Sukardi, who was speaking at a forum titled "Jinn (genies) and Sihr (sorcery) in Medicine", described how his own understanding of medical practice was challenged while treating the woman.

In the much-publicised case in Sumatra, more than 2,000 nails were removed from 25-year-old Supiyati

"As a surgeon, I could not believe the sickness was caused by Sihr or Jinn," he said during the forum at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM). 
Dr Sagiran, of Universiti Muhammadiy­yah Yogjakarta's medical faculty, said Supiyati's condition defied medical logic. 
He showed participants of the forum - 75 per cent of whom were doctors and psychiatrists, and the rest academics and researchers - pictures and X-rays of Supiyati's infected wounds and the nails under her skin. 

The patient was first brought to his emergency room in September 2012.

Dr Sagiran said in the first operation, he removed more than 70 nails from her legs and feet before treating her wounds.

"Surprisingly, a day after the operation I found more nails in the same areas again. At the time, I didn't think sorcery had anything to do with it," he said.

However, he said after consulting his colleagues and religious teachers, he decided to use complementary Islamic therapy to treat the patient.

Dr Sagiran said he started reciting verses from the Quran while dressing her wounds or whenever she was in pain, adding that this caused her to throw up.

"You cannot imagine it but there were even more nails along with hair in her vomit," he said.

Dr Sagiran said Supayati's first husband, who disappeared after she underwent treatment, is believed to be responsible for the sorcery.

He said the case illustrated the need for a holistic approach, including spiritual and religious treatment, at hospitals.
Forum moderator UKM Assoc Prof Dr Supyan Hussin said the organisers were not against modern medicine.

"But Islamic complementary therapy can be used to treat patients whose illnesses cannot be diagnosed," he said.

Dr Supyan said Islamic therapy had nothing to do with black magic or witchcraft which was against Islam.

He said the participants might, through their discussions in the forum which continues today, pass a resolution which would then be sent to the Health Ministry.

Source: asiaone

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Dont mess with me beyond love thai love charm

Those who know me , I am a warrior in life.
Fighting against odds in life. 
Never, or ever, bow down to fate.
Is not a matter white or black. 
Just a matter of necessary to win back in life again.....

Love or relationship problems is like  a thorn in our ass in life.
You don't kill it, this thorn will forever hurt your ass.

My determine to find a Saviour for my devoted buyers finally bring me to a answer.
My prayers are answer.
There is this guy ( he told me don't call him master) who always being hunted by loser.
Loser mean failure in relationship.
I manage to catch hold of this guy.
He has no house.
I ask him why, he said he cannot get a proper sleep or rest because his name has spread throughout the whole Thailand that he can turn the smelly stinky love or die-ing relationship to a sparking and hot love!
I cannot sleep for a few nights when i heard of him.
Has heard of piles of feedback from my thai friend who has use his breakthrough love charms.
I am going for another breakthrough in my magick world.  Yes!

When i saw him , he was sitting under a tree and surrounded with some metals and pens.

I approached him and he immediately said: don't call me master.
My name is XXX.
I was very curious and ask him why.
He said: i was like a layman same as you.
I was full of bugging relationship problems.
5 years ago, I was about to commit suicide.
A man with black robe approach me from far.
The man with black robe say: i going to teach you a magic, that will turn your relationship problems around, capture their heart like casting a net to the sea to capture those helpless fish.
Going to cast a "dont mess with me" mantra on them.
When this mantra is cast on them, even when you try to chase them off, they will like a housefly and keep coming back!
No matter how you chase them away,  how you hide, how you run, you turn your head around, the housefly will be there buzzing around you.
The man after use this thai amulet on himself, his love life become full of rainbow.
He is unstoppable.

1 of my friend who told me about him shouting at me and said: this love charm is 1 of the best of the best i had gotten and has experienced. Just do yourself and others a favor. Go and do whatever you has to do to experience this hot love charm melt on your relationship!

Now, he has reach a stage and told me that he has to stay away from a permanent house because he always full of lovers haunting him and peoples come from every corner of the world to look for him to end their relationship problems.

According to him, the following scary powerful events could happen to you:

Make your lover unknowingly love deeply on you
Make your lover feel exist in this world because of you
Make your lover feel guilty for not loving you
Ask god return him/her to you.
Mend a broken heart
True Life Time Commitment
Save a relationship or marriage.

Results?  You will be top of the world!

You no longer a loser
That could save your life 
Rediscovery your aim in life again...

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